We create notable brands and extraordinary consumer experiences

We create notable brands and extraordinary consumer experiences.

We have wild imaginations, and we thrive in the context of innovation. For us, design is more than just creating something beautiful, the 🔑  is creating something meaningful. Everyone involved in this enterprise brings a unique contribution to our creative process, and the way we cater to every business need that we possibly can. 

Our experience extends from local to international, and we see every project as an opportunity to make something powerful happen.



Some of our most recent clients:


We our clients, they us.

Our experience with Fancy was positive in every way. They helped us create a clear strategy and then provided excellent follow-through each step of the way. The results were tangible. Their energy, talent and character made it enjoyable to partner with them in the past and compelling to do so again in the future.
— Brad & Carmen Hamm, UNA pizza + wine
Since we worked with Fancy we have not hesitated to recommend them to others who are looking for great ideas and a positive, professional creative agency. Our experience was that they were quick to respond, and very innovative. They facilitated the process, but at the same time worked with the team within our organization very well.
— Kent Sutherland, KSA Architecture
Working with Fancy has been a complete pleasure! Refreshing to work with a group that has innovative fresh ideas and is so efficient and timely with their work.
— Dr.DeeDee Maltman, The Neural Health Project
Starting a business and creating a brand is a very vulnerable process. As a startup, working with Fancy was one of the best decisions we made. They helped us develop a brand identity that captures the vision and heartbeat of our company. The quality of work they produce is outstanding, but it’s their personality, and their ability to see things differently that motivates us to recommend them.
— Alisha Esmail, Road Coffee Co.
As an entrepreneurial company, we always face the challenge of finding a balance between sticking to the essentials and creating a marketing and brand management strategy that fits where we want to go. The guys at Fancy have invested the time to be partners in that discernment process and have learned to speak our language - they have become a critical part of our ongoing success.
— Kevin Hall, Shercom Industries
Working with Fancy has been fantastic. We so appreciate being able to work with local grassroots businesses that are so willing to help out other startups in the community. They give an incredibly energetic and refreshing perspective that benefits everyone in the community.
— Stephanie Yong, The Wilson Centre