We create notable brands and extraordinary consumer experiences


We create notable brands and meaningful, human-centred experiences.


ThE Wheelhouse

We know that art can have a powerful social and economic impact, so we construct brands and visual experiences that are both engaging and meaningful.

  • Visual Identity
  • Consumer Experience

  • Launch Strategy

  • Online Presence + SEO
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Web & UX Design
  • Editorial

Latest Projects

  Client:  Venn Coffee  Project:  Branding, Website

Client: Venn Coffee
Project: Branding, Website

  Client:  Sarcan - Drop & Go  Project:  Branding, Website, Tradeshow Booth, Apparel

Client: Sarcan - Drop & Go
Project: Branding, Website, Tradeshow Booth, Apparel

  Client:  Makerspace  Project:  Branding, Website

Client: Makerspace
Project: Branding, Website


You're not wrong about us

Fancy is a small team with a long reach. We're lean and efficient operationally, and we're earnest and inventive in the way we solve creative problems.