Fancy Creative Studio

After the last four years of floating around in the cloud, loitering at coffee shops, building our own furniture, and meeting in warehouse corners with leaky roofs, we are setting up in some new spaces. 1212 9th Ave, Calgary and 701 Broadway, Saskatoon.

NOTE: The Fancy studios are not open for public drop-in. Please contact to arrange a visit.



Everyone involved in this program adds a unique input to our process and flow. Our experience reaches from local to international, and we see every project as an opportunity to make something powerful happen.




Steve Hawes
Director of Sales

Steve joins Fancy with over ten years experience in Sales and Sales Management. Steve is passionate about people and business. He loves to hear stories, and help people & businesses solve problems and grow. He is a creative that is passionate about music and really enjoys playing his bass guitar. 
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Mark Hawes
Account Executive

Mark is a salesman at heart. At the age of 8 he used to dress up in a suit and tie and travel to trade shows with his father to try and out sell him. Mark prides himself on being up front, honest and integrity based. He has small town roots a great work ethic and a diverse sales resume. He loves a good conversation, finding out what makes people tick and playing competitive paintball. 
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Ryan Mack
Creative Director

Ryan is transparent, creative, and enjoys business development. He studied entrepreneurship and marketing at the Edwards School of Business, and spent several years working in digital marketing and large-format printing. In these roles, he actively assisted businesses across Canada in executing their marketing and operational goals. When Ryan isn’t at the office, he's running around the soccer pitch or operating a raw selvedge denim company called Olé Denim.
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Taylor Pfeifer
UX Designer & Art Director

Since he was young, Taylor has been captivated by the world of art and how it relates to business and human behaviour. Taylor studied graphic & web design at the Art Institute of Orange County (California) and brings diverse experience in the graphic design, user experience, and corporate branding industries. He has become well known for his keen aesthetic eye and exceptional work ethic, making Fancy a popular topic of conversation in design circles.




Mike Payne
Creative Director

Mike is a creative strategist and communicator. Since Fancy's inception, he has worked hard not only to grow his own ventures, but to stimulate small business throughout Canada. Mike has been invited to speak in contexts like TEDx, Fuze Conference, and Startup Canada. He has occupied a variety of mentorship and advisory roles, and is constantly looking for ways to make a lasting positive impact on his social & economic landscapes.
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Drew Simonar
Designer & Digital Media Manager

Drew offers a keen sense of detail, taste, and even more personality. His skills have been intentionally curated both locally and abroad, and are a welcome addition to the Fancy arsenal. Drew has been party to numerous award-winning design projects, and has a strong mix of experience in digital and print marketing. He has quickly become an integral part of our creative process.