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You've found it—the path!

To reward your keen sleuthery we've teamed up with DJ Khaled himself to outline some important 🔑's, and lead you from here into more success. We want to share what's worked for us, and protect you from "they".

🔑  To succeed you must believe in a good fade, and visit your barber. Always respect your barber and believe.

🔑  I remember when we didn't take breaks to play games. The key is to play Crossy Road and stay sharp, get that high score and win, lion! 🦁!

🔑  The other day the grass was brown. Now the grass is green cuz we ain't give up. Never surrender!

🔑  The key is never crowd source your logo. They don't want you to have a good logo. Don't let them fool you.

🔑  When you work for these people and you burn bridges and play yourself, just know they're gonna fire you and you played yourself and burned a bridge.

🔑  You have to love green tea and drink it, drink 5 cups a day, and always use the bathroom before its too late. Wash your hands and bless up.

🔑  They don't want you to have the good whiskey, I promise. It costs money for good whiskey, and it costs money to eat. Get money!

And another one.

The major 🔑  is to always eat Ramen, but keep your face clean.

GIF Alert!

Another one.

And another one.

They don't want us to have more GIF's for you, so we have more GIF's!

Don't play yourself, we could do this all day.

Hello, World!

Let's win more.

If you're reading this, you have an opportunity to win big! Send an email to mike@thisisfancy.ca with the subject "Let's win more". If you're one of the first 5 to hit us up, you'll get your choice out of some insane rewards. 

They don't want you to win, so you gotta win lion! 🔑