Allow us to introduce the Startup Package.

We believe that good branding shouldn't be a luxury reserved for the rich or lucky few, but an integral part of bringing a new product or service to market.

We love small business, and we've got a soft spot for the startup next door. In all reality small business is the backbone of our economy (Fun fact: in Saskatchewan alone, 87% of businesses are 1-4 employee sized companies)

Now that we've had a few good years of real experience under our belts, we've set out to bring high calibre branding and marketing tools to the feet and the fit (budget-wise) of your everyday startup who (yesterday) likely couldn't afford to pay for it. 


Here are a few things that can be added on to your Startup Package:

- Coworking membership at Wallstreet Common for $100/mo.
- E-commerce website functionality starting at $100/mo.
- Email marketing & review generation starting at $250/mo.
- Ad Designs starting at $150 one-time fee
- Media Release starting at $150 one-time fee

This is where we explain why this is good for you.

We've worked hard alongside knowledgeable partners to craft a branding and marketing startup solution that will:

1. Be affordable and readily available to every entrepreneur (pre or post-launch).
2. Be attractive to every entrepreneur's funders (VA's, private investors & banks).
3. Train every entrepreneur to budget for marketing from day 1 (12 month program).
4. Equip every entrepreneur with a visual identity that effectively represents them, their values, and their product or service.
5. Present every entrepreneur and their product or service to the world wide web, and all of its social opportunities.
6. Provide every entrepreneur with the necessary tools, direction, and confidence to reach and engage their audience in an exciting and relevant way.

Our Partners

We've worked hard alongside the following knowledgeable partners to craft this high calibre branding and marketing solution for startups.