UNA Pizza + Wine

Launch Strategy: We were thrilled to quickly develop not only a quality working relationship with the UNA Saskatoon team, but also a strong personal connection. We thoroughly enjoy working with our friends. The projects we've executed both pre and post-launch have been less design centric and more strategy heavy, as you'll see below.

Fancy on Global News Morning

We were on Global News live this morning for National Small Business Week. We talked about how we're working with Saskatchewan startups to help them develop strong visual identities and extraordinary consumer experiences that represent them in a real and engaging way.

Keep it Romantic

I’ve realized that easily one of the most paralyzing and disproportionate causes for anxiety in my professional life has been the hours spent perceiving what my competitors were up to.

Are they better at business than me? 
Are they whispering sweet nothings in my customer’s ears?
Are they secretly building a ground-breaking, industry-defining technology that I haven’t yet thought of?

Does Saskatoon Have a Branding Problem?

Earlier this month we had the privilege of hosting Bruce Mau Design president & CEO, Hunter Tura at our space in Wallstreet Common for a small presentation (1 of 3 in Saskatoon) called "Me We". He also made presentations the day before at Fuze Conference, and Sask Polytechnic around the theme of "The 21st Century Designer". He shared insights about key elements of forward thinking design, and methodology for team building and process.

Fancy Calgary - Collective 12 | 12

We're Expanding: We're excited to be expanding our presence into the heart of Alberta, as Calgary is a natural next step for us as we work with more and more great people across Western Canada. Some may view it as a strange time to enter, as they are in the throws of an economic downturn and oil sector doom & gloom, but we are optimistic. 

Fancy Presents Hunter Tura

Sponsored Event: We're really excited to welcome Hunter Tura from world renowned design house, Bruce Mau Design in collaboration with Saskatoon's GDC chapter (GDC SKN). Hunter's presentation "Me We" focuses on building teams that are proactive, to produce work that is more thoughtful, more responsive and more forward looking that what individual authors are capable of producing.

Novo Esthetics Studio

This has been one of our favourite projects so far. The owner, Vicki, was so splendid to work with and she has a great understanding of what makes something visually pleasing. Just like all of our projects, it starts with pencil and paper—sometimes sketches are made in the very first meeting as we're dreaming with the client.

The Neural Health Project

We felt incredibly privileged to be working with this particularly important organization that is striving to provide options for those who struggle with mental health disorders in Saskatoon. The founder, Dr. DeeDee Maltman, came to us with a powerful vision to pioneer an integrative medical approach within this field and we joined her without any hesitation.

Museum of Temporary Art

The Museum of Temporary Art (MOTA) is a roaming, evolving, temporary, neighbourhood specific, pop-up art gallery that engages community in creative dialogue. They accomplish this by inhabiting the space between public art and graffiti. Jeff approached us to collaborate with him on the signage & map designs required to properly execute his back-alley art gallery, and we jumped on board without so much as a second thought.

Outlaw Metal Fabrication

Outlaw Metal Fabrication is a generational company dedicated to the production of superior products and innovative design. Their existing brand was outdated and amateurish—it didn't represent the company well, and was far from sustainable. We had the opportunity to rebrand the company by creating a timeless, functional, and utilitarian logo. A website, and signage to match.