The Path Forward

The Path Forward Inc. is a not-for-profit organization that exists to help individuals achieve financial freedom. Todd reached out to us to develop a strong, values-based visual identity, and a website that could act as a tool for getting their resources and strategies into the hands of Canadians.

Brand Development

When we sat down with Todd to get a feel for his approach, he was quick to describe how the most important factor in achieving financial freedom is to begin with small wins, and that’s where the name “The Path Forward” comes from.

There is no quick-fix to debt, but he has set out to come alongside individuals and walk them through the necessary steps, to help them find their path forward.


We set out to create a visual identity that would represent this process, and after some research and concepting, something started to happen. We found a nice relationship between a bar graph, and steps, which married finances with measured results. 

We paired this shape with a clean serif font that locked things up nicely, rather than making the logo too busy. To emphasize the overall movement of the mark, we gave the font a nice lean.


Finally, we wrapped it all together in a bright, inviting orange. The colour orange combines the physical energy and stimulation of red, with the cheerfulness of yellow. It radiates warmth and happiness, and represents integrity, excellence, and determination. These are values that we felt well-represented Todd and his company, and that communicated the possibilities available to those who are willing to put the work in.

In the end, we have a logo that works great big and small, in different contexts, and effectively represents the values and mission of the organization it is attached to. 



Once we had the visual identity established, other creative decisions got easier and easier. For the website, we went with an overall imagery theme of adventure/journey, while still using nice warm colour tones. Todd loves hiking in the mountains with his wife, Debbie, which offered a nice personal interest touch while emphasizing the hard work/progress/commitment of finding your path forward.

For the website, we went with an overall imagery theme of adventure/journey, while still using nice warm colour tones.

Todd also spoke of the important of highlighting and celebrating successes along the way, which sparked the idea to use a nice orange highlighter component through the body copy of the website. This worked functionally to emphasize important points or info, but also added another branding component that locked up nicely with the logo itself.

In the end, this website acts as a great visual piece, but an even better resource for anyone looking to alleviate debt pressures, and improve their overall financial standing as they find their path forward.