Gunner & Smith

Album Artwork

Starting in 2010 as a solo project by folk artist Geoff Smith, the band (Gunner & Smith) evolved into a multi-member indie country-rock ensemble that traverses the rocky line between post-prairies balladeering and grit-covered rockers for those given to heavy highway drives and long, expansive thoughts. When Geoff approached us with the concept for the album He Once Was a Good Man, we were enraptured.

The ripped layered paper in the design represents
multiple occurrences of deceit—similar to how trees have rings for every year that they survive.

We came across so many incredible pieces of history that really set our course right from the beginning. Eventually we settled on the mugshot of H.H. Holmes, or Dr. Henry Howard Holmes, who was one of the first serial killers in the modern sense of the term.


The concept for He Once a Good Man is really a nod to humanity—how we all start out good people, but some of us end up committing horrible things. That was the case for H.H. Holmes, he really did start his life out well, but would later be known for creating a "murder castle" where he meticulously selected female victims to torture and dissect. The ripped layered paper sensibility in the design is a representation of the multiple occurrences of deceit—much like how trees have rings for every year they survive.

We created the design by printing out H.H. Holmes' face 10 times, and carefully ripping concentric holes into each piece. 

They were all individually scanned in using our trusty high-res scanner, then masked and layered in Photoshop. Not only were we able to create a great looking piece—but we were able to create a great looking piece within a pretty tight budget. 

Themed Band Shirts

The shirts were one of the biggest hits—screen printed using a halftone separation process in order to properly capture the ripped texture of the photo. 


Music Video Production

To cap things off, we had the amazing opportunity to work with Sica Films, to assist in the production of a music video for the song "Towns"—one of the hits from the album.