Road Coffee Co.



Road Coffee Co. is a Canadian coffee roaster based in Saskatoon, SK. The name “Road” is derived from the phrase “Road Less Travelled”, and their beans are internationally & ethically sourced.

We were thrilled when, in the early stages of start-up, Alisha approached us to develop her visual identity. 

Brand Development

After doing our research, we began to develop a concept that could communicate experience and intentionality, and evoke feelings of adventure and success. We started with a hand drawn compass, and it began to develop from there.

After playing around with a couple of ideas based on the original hand drawn compass, we decided it would be best to simplify the mark to make it more versatile.

With the final version of the compass we were able to achieve the versatility we had been looking for.


We removed some features and details, while maintaining some sharp elements of the original drawing. The mark itself feels professional and clean, while the arrows inside are pointed off to the side to encourage the audience off the beaten track (Road less travelled). 

Paired with topographic lines and a custom logo type, Road Coffee’s new visual identity is strong and ready to tell their story. View it below in its different contexts.

Mobile Espresso

Look for Road Coffee Co. carts at your favourite local events and business centres, say hello, and grab an espresso to go!


Website & E-commerce

Visit the beautiful website we built for them at, where you can also order fresh coffee to your door! Current roast selection looks something like this: