Museum of Temporary Art


The Museum of Temporary Art (MOTA) is a roaming, evolving, temporary, neighbourhood specific, pop-up art gallery that engages community in creative dialogue. They accomplish this by inhabiting the space between public art and graffiti. Jeff approached us to collaborate with him on the signage & map designs required to properly execute his back-alley art gallery, and we jumped on board without so much as a second thought.

MOTA makes art accessible to everyone by taking it out of the institution and into the community, transforming under-utilized urban spaces into living, breathing art galleries.


With this project we set out to help "take back" the back alley with a creative, community based feel for all communications. We sought to blend street "art" with a street "work" (road construction) feel, and at the same time keep it modern. One "extra touch" that added a nice visual element was the reflective vinyl we used to wrap the signs. These accomplished everything we needed them to, without taking away from the art pieces themselves.


We encourage you to grab a map from the Riversdale BID (Art Sponsor), and visit each of the alleyway instalments. Some of them have moved and evolved since the photos above, but you can rely on the trusty map to take you to the right spots!



The signs were created with the same reflective vinyl that traffic signs use, to draw that much more attention to themselves.



We had a lot of fun with the map. It didn't need to look traditional—in fact it was begging to be untraditional because of the nature of the organization. It's printed on 70lb uncoated paper—which will give the user a very tactile experience as they interact it. They'll know exactly what it is when they feel around for it in their jacket pocket or bag.